• Exercise: Alien Language Pattern Matching

    As part of my programming workout I was going through some nice Google code jam exercises and came across an interesting exercise from the 2009 qualification round related to matching words against patterns. Not hard but interesting to solve.

  • The undefined vs null Pitfall in Javascript

    Sometimes I come across JavaScript code with a lot of null checking against properties that are uninitialized, which is really wrong. Many people might think that uninitialized properties get a default value of null, but that is not the case despite having something like foo == null resulting in true, assuming ...

  • TypeScript: Enhanced Javascript

    One of the most important platforms nowadays is the web, and Javascript incorporates a large share from any web application today more than ever. As we get more into the single page applications trend and Javascript on the server (such as NodeJS), this language can't be really dealt with ...

  • Birth

    Hello everyone, I have recently decided to start a blog for sharing my thoughts about programming, software, web development and everything that goes around those topics. Programming is not the simple skill you acquire within a defined period of time and keep using it over and over again within repetitive ...

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