Hello everyone, I have recently decided to start a blog for sharing my thoughts about programming, software, web development and everything that goes around those topics.

Programming is not the simple skill you acquire within a defined period of time and keep using it over and over again within repetitive tasks without learning anything new. Despite the fact that many programmers, developers and students think of it that way, the reality is completely different. It is way much more interesting than that!

Computer programming and software development is a journey of a lifetime which involves devotion, learning new ideas every day, exploring rapidly changing technologies and becoming a better programmer year after year. All in all it is an enjoyable adventure to those who love continuous learning and problem solving.

So as you may have inferred from the name of this blog "The Code Ship", we will be sailing together on a journey into a sea of computer programming adventures. On the way we will be discussing everyday problems and their possible solutions, classic and non classic algorithm problems, introducing recent technologies/frameworks and much more. Every blog post here will be reflecting part of my progress and activities within the programming and software development world. As I learn I will be documenting what I have here.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the coming posts, looking forward for a great journey together!


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